The creation of a gallery website

Creation of a gallery website. Collecting pieces into one

Creation of a gallery website. This project forced us to go beyond imagination. Our primary objective was to keep it simple, yet rich. Surprisingly, it took us only few moments to draw in our minds the structure and the design of MargaritArt.


Margarita Gevorgyan

Our Objectives

We had several primary tasks for the gallery website from the beginning of the project:

  • be minimalist
  • use collages as design elements where possible
  • responsive website – works on tablets and smartphones
  • easy for visitors to navigate through pages
  • create a blog page 

Collage Gallery Website

We have to admit, that the website was not a regular order – it was a gift. So it was really hard to come up with a website structure without thoughts of the ‘future owner’. 

Concept of the website was clear for us since the beginning. We had to transfer a real museum / gallery ambiance through a website. For that reason we have researched the websites of: Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Sergei Paradjanov and came to a conclusion, that all above-mentioned websites have one common thing – history. Typically, museums and galleries are built to engage and educate the community. Hence, the exhibitions must kindle the interest of every visitor. With a fully responsive and mobile-ready website collages, poems and upcoming  exhibitions will always be noteworthy and accessible. Typically, people are easily attracted to images, hence this website includes an image carousel on the hero area. It also integrates the social media links for easy access to the pages. Additionally, the hover effect on some of the web elements and scroll motions are also mesmerizing.   

After two months of unforgettable life in a world of collages and poems we wrapped-up the gift. The reaction of Margarita, the owner, was beyond our expectation. 
Check the result below


During the development process we have used:


Collage arts




Hours of work


Cups of coffee

Check the demo

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