Website redesign for LADA Armenia

Website redesign project. The beginning.

Recently we have been contacted by LADA Armenia with a very interesting project to redesign their existing website by their brand guidelines.

lada armenia logo

Website Redesign Objectives

We had several primary tasks from the beginning of the project:

  • include the new logo
  • use a new brighter color palette
  • use large featured images for every car model
  • responsive website – works on tablets and smartphones
  • easy for visitors to navigate through pages
  • include all the accessories for all car models

Old version of LADA website
Old Home page
Contact us Page - old design of LADA Armenia
Old Contacts page
Working from home

Everything starts with collecting content from the customer, those are images, texts, videos and everything, what will make our job easier. So we have decided to contact the head office in order to gather what we needed for the start. 
Next we discussed several questions:

  • What do we want to achieve with a redesign?
  • What are the business and marketing goals we’re hoping to meet?
  • Who is our target user?
  • How can we improve their experience on our website?

And then it began.
Since websites are one of the most (if not the most) important marketing tools, we have also made LADA’s website SEO-friendly for the local market. In combination with an easy-to-use / user-friendly CMS (Content Management Tool) we have handed a very powerful tool to sell products, in this case cars and services. 


During the development process we have used:


Models of LADA


Car accessories


Images used


Cups of coffee

Check the difference
Old version of LADA websiteLada-website-redesign-1

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