Affordable B2B sales dashboard

With our B2B sales dashboard you can showcase, sell, track

We offer all-in-one dashboard for wholesale businesses

Our B2B sales dashboard not only allows executives and managers to effectively control sales KPIs and monitor them in one central place but also showcase and sell all the available products to distributors. 

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With Boodka you will be able to:




From now on - say NO to separate expensive applications and software!

You will be able to add, remove and edit products, categories and banners by yourself. No more time consuming calls from distributors to find out if you have this or that product in stock or you do not. Each distributor will be able to check a product availability through their personalized account with their personalized prices. 

For example, you just made a deal with two distributors. Based on your agreement one is going to buy 10 boxes of ‘chocolate’ from you, the other – 100. Obviously, both of them should have different prices per box based on the quantity they order each month.

Boodka will allow you to set customized prices for all your distributors and one will never find out the prices of the other!

b2b ecommerce platform -

It’s easy as one-two! Add to cart and checkout.
You will get a notification of a successful order from a distributor, which will be followed by a normal sales procedure from your side.

When we said ALL-IN-ONE, we were not kidding! With our latest update, Boodka gives you the ability to quickly, easily and efficiently track and monitor changes in these indicators so you don’t miss a beat. It enables you to easily compare all the important numbers and monitor if you are on the right track, and identify where you can make strategic changes to improve further.

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