How to create a WordPress website design for a brand

Step-by-step experience based on King Long project

Our first web project with tight deadlines

Wanna know how to create a WordPress website design? But first…
Everything started with a phone call on Monday early in the morning. The voice on the other side:
“We urgently need a website before the grand opening of King Long showroom in Yerevan”.
My response was much quicker, than I am usually used to when talking to a stranger on a phone.
“When is the opening?”, I asked.
“Next Monday”…  


That morning was one of the most pleasant and in the meantime stressful mornings for the whole Owltech crew. We had only one week to design, develop, test and launch the website. Obviously, we had to communicate and cooperate with the customer during the whole process. 

Here are the main steps we took and you need for developing a WordPress website.

  1. Find a domain name for your site.
  2. Sign up for web hosting
  3. Get WordPress installed on a web hosting
  4. Choose a free or paid WordPress theme
  5. Install Elementor page builder and essential plugins based on your needs
  6. Start creating your WordPress website design

Wait...but why WordPress?

Well, for the given period of time WordPress is the most efficient platform to start working on without losing time.

Also, there are number of pros in WordPress, it is:

  • free
  • the ultimate DIY solution for website building
  • extra versatile – can run any type of website
  • fast, optimized, and secure
  • SEO-ready – makes promotion easier


During the development process we have used:




Images used




Pints of beer

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